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As you know, Agario is one of the most exciting online games. Currently, it becomes the hot phenomenon all over the world. Surely, you are very curious about it. Let’s explore the reason people love it so much. In fact, it is known as a browser-based game, or you can call it a server game. A user named M28 is the first person created it. Now, you can play Agario online for free. To decrease potential lag, you should choose the nearest server you. There are eight servers recently in nations such as US East, US West, South America, Europe, Russia, East Asia, Oceania, and China. Okay, Could you spend a bit of time to enjoy Agario online? Ensure you will feel comfortable. Read More

Agario – The Game That Makes Gamers Feel Angrier Than Flappy Bird Game Game

Agario – The Game That Makes Gamers Feel Angrier Than Flappy Bird

The “angriness” because of being bullied is the key factor that makes gains a big success when it attracts millions of peoples! Recently, the game world has been kind of surprised when there was a game that attracted millions of players named To be considered as Flappy Bird 2015, causes strong impression, not only the nice graphics or new gameplay but because its popularity is focused! gameplay

With the familiar gameplay, “Big fish eats small fish”, when joining game, the players will become a tiny blob and try to grow its size. The players will move in the flat playfield to eat the cells that are smaller than them in order to gain bigger size. However, when the players get oversized, they will start to move more slowly.
Besides, when the players reach a certain size, they can split themselves into smaller parts to move faster. Hence, they can eat the smaller blobs when they reach bigger size. And when they divide into many clones, after short period, they can merge into one. Therefore, splitting can be advantageous but it’s totally dangerous when there are still so many giant cells surrounding you.
More especially, with the online gameplay as well as other players all over the world, nurturing your cell to get bigger is a work that requires too much time and effort. Therefore, being bullied by other bigger players is one of the angriest things for gamers.

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

However, the angriness because of being bullied is the key element that makes gain big success when it attracts millions of people all over the world. Besides, this game also becomes a hot topic of many players which can be found on Facebook, they play the game because there friends invite them to play.

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