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As you know, Agario is one of the most exciting online games. Currently, it becomes the hot phenomenon all over the world. Surely, you are very curious about it. Let’s explore the reason people love it so much. In fact, it is known as a browser-based game, or you can call it a server game. A user named M28 is the first person created it. Now, you can play Agario online for free. To decrease potential lag, you should choose the nearest server you. There are eight servers recently in nations such as US East, US West, South America, Europe, Russia, East Asia, Oceania, and China. Okay, Could you spend a bit of time to enjoy Agario online? Ensure you will feel comfortable. Read More

Create Skins By Using free images (Based on your idea) is an online browser game that draws the attention of tons of players. In Agario, the players will own the Skins which can be seen as their avatars. The Skins can be the flags of the countries, the funny images regarding animals, people, logo or the colors like blue, red, yellow and something like that. Have you ever been fed up with those Skins? Do you want to change the new one and make it cuter? The following article will help you change the Skins based on your idea!
First of all, access to the website
To register an account for yourself, fill out the information the hit “Submit” button


After registering successfully, go to your Email and activate your account

Next, go to “edit your blob’s skin here” to update your information and choose your avatar which will be your Skin




Then, select “Add to Chrome” (for Chrome) or “Add to Firefox” (for Firefox)
You will be moved to a page of the browser stores, you just add it.
Next, visit to your browser and type “greasemonkey.”
And choose the right link which is appropriate to your browser
Then, add that program to your browser
That’s all! Next, you just need to play the game by visiting to
In the nick bar, type your Username based on the syntax: Use custom skins with *ACCOUNTNAME
Then, hit Play button and play game!

Or you can check out the tutorials with a video as shown below here:

Note: it’s only applied to server currently
Have a nice day and don’t forget to follow the articles from to update the latest news!

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