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As you know, Agario is one of the most exciting online games. Currently, it becomes the hot phenomenon all over the world. Surely, you are very curious about it. Let’s explore the reason people love it so much. In fact, it is known as a browser-based game, or you can call it a server game. A user named M28 is the first person created it. Now, you can play Agario online for free. To decrease potential lag, you should choose the nearest server you. There are eight servers recently in nations such as US East, US West, South America, Europe, Russia, East Asia, Oceania, and China. Okay, Could you spend a bit of time to enjoy Agario online? Ensure you will feel comfortable. Read More

Agario Skins

agario-skinsAfter enjoying the Agario game for a long period, you probably have wondered or wanted to know about the hilarious images popping up in the world filled with colorful cells. Have you ever heard of the so-called “Agario Skins”? Now, it’s time for you to explore these funny images which can be considered as your avatar. This avatar will help you figure out your characters among numerous gamers coming from all over the world. Like you see in the game, there are lots of images showing up as the flags of the countries, the animals, the silly faces, the famous characters or something like that. They are a key factor since the beginning. So, don’t miss the introduction as well as the tutorial regarding Agario Skins!

What is a skin in Agario?

In Agario game, you can change the background of your blob by choosing your favorite skin; your blob will get an identified image. If you don’t want to use a normal color while playing the game, the skin is the perfect choice for you! While choosing, don’t worry about the gameplay, skins will not influence on it for sure! And bear in mind that you are not able to use a custom name to enjoy the game if you decide to use a skin name.
Don’t forget to update the Agario skins regularly, those skins are being added over and over. You can also get rid of the old skins over time. When you step into the Team mode, Agario Skins will turn into a “good-for-nothing” stuff because the skins will be randomly assigned one of three following colors like Green, Blue or Red. The Skin’s appearance might draw your attention, which makes you excited to use them. As for the ones who don’t use a skin, they maybe want to use their own name.

How to get Agario Skins?skins

Because the Agario Skins don’t affect the gameplay, so you can freely select your skin style to make your character good-looking. You can choose whatever you like, for instances, flags, the animals, the faces, the scenic views, landscapes or something like that. To get those skins, you are supposed to type the blob’s name to a certain phrase prior to engaging in the game. If you use skin Earth, just type your character name as “Earth”, then the appearance of the character will be shaped like Earth.
Bear in mind those principle steps if you want to use the skins. You can also discover the full instructions on how to switch the Agario Skins at here: List Skins

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