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As you know, Agario is one of the most exciting online games. Currently, it becomes the hot phenomenon all over the world. Surely, you are very curious about it. Let’s explore the reason people love it so much. In fact, it is known as a browser-based game, or you can call it a server game. A user named M28 is the first person created it. Now, you can play Agario online for free. To decrease potential lag, you should choose the nearest server you. There are eight servers recently in nations such as US East, US West, South America, Europe, Russia, East Asia, Oceania, and China. Okay, Could you spend a bit of time to enjoy Agario online? Ensure you will feel comfortable. Read More

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A146-29-6-8Agario is an online browser-based game with simple gameplay and nice skins. There is an interesting mode you should try to play once. It is called Agario Teams. Type your nick or leave it empty. Then choose the Teams mode in the option. And select the nearest region before pressing the play button. You will spawn on their side of the map. We start with the overall weak team and that you must work as a team to strengthen it. There are three random colors in this mode. They are red, blue and green. Let’s play and protect your friends by giving them support. To get the target, you should do following actions.
Agario is the strategy game. So while you are finding food, you can feed your teammates if necessary. In case you see a team member trying to swallow another blob, and he is unable to do this because his blob is not large enough, you press W key to feeding him. You must be 125% of another blob’s size to absorb it. The alley can’t grab although he is large. You will do this by feeding and sending some mass from your body to the fellow. This help is necessary when you have to work in Agario Teams.
Let’s behave properly. Return the favor after a teammate feeds you so that you can absorb enemy blob. Press W key a few times if you want to feed him back. Especially, I like this action much. It will establish the good relationship between you and your team. Indeed, Agario Teams expresses solidarity in a game with no chat. Although many users don’t do that, it is guaranteed for this competitive environment.A146-29-6-10
If you want to leave the game for any reason as you are done playing, you should find anyone in the team and feed him your total mass by spamming W into his blob. It looks like a random gift. If you end and leave without donating this, another team’s blob may come by and eat you.
One important key in Agario Teams is to stay near to your team members for protection. If you venture out alone, you may encounter dangers and get cornered by opponent blobs. By moving with your alley, your survival chance will increase, and you can also protect your blobs as well. I know this strategy can cause some troubles when you block the way to find food of others.
Some advice is for you not to do in Agario Teams. If you see your teammate running away from a larger blob, you do not stand in your way (Of course if you don’t like seeing him die). You may end up slowing down your friend or trapping him, allowing the larger blob to eat your teammate. Secondly, do not be selfish. When you see your team member being chased, and you can feed him some of your mass to make him large enough to not be absorbed, do so. If you do not, you may pay the price if the opponent’s blob gets big enough to attack you.

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